Greg Suart and his associates at Ultimate Goal work with individuals and groups in challenging circumstances to transform performance and wellbeing. Particular emphasis is placed on achieving the balance between decisive commercial action and achievement of corporate goals with mindfulness, deepening personal awareness, emotional intelligence and Personal Mastery.




Ultimate Goal offers bespoke packages for clients designed to meet the specific needs, ambitions and challenges of an executive, business or organisation.

  • Business growth partner

  • executive Coaching

  • leadership developmenT & TRAINING


  • high performance teams


business growth partner

Ultimate Goal seeks always to build long term relationships that support the growth, prosperity and wellbeing of its clients. At the centre of this partnership is the recognition that a successful and sustainable Business necessarily blends the “Corporate Agenda”, that identifies the needs of the company, with the “Personal Agenda” that recognises the needs, passions and aspirations of staff and other stakeholders. The successful combination gives a company a vitality and creative force that can sustain and propel it through challenging times.

executive coaching

Ultimate Goal specialises in Executive Coaching with the specific aim of achieving elite performance levels by the pursuit of Personal Mastery - a state in which mastery is achieved over mental, emotional and physical identities. Always outcome oriented, the focus is on releasing the full potential of an individual within a challenging environment, so that both the organisation and individual benefit sustainably, as well as all engaged stakeholders.

LeadershiP Training

Leadership & Development Training addresses the skills and behaviours present in supreme leaders. Designed for individuals and groups in senior positions these programmes seek to stretch and develop executives and their teams to perform outstandingly.


Advances in Emotional Intelligence can result in quantum changes in Leadership and senior management performance. Using a globally recognised Emotional Intelligence profiling tool that provides a 360 view as well as a self evaluation, senior executives can effectively access their “emotional software” and with an objective view make conscious decisions to change behaviours and profoundly impact their leadership and performance.

high performance teams

Using a powerful profiling tool, Greg Suart works with senior management teams identifying their strengths and weaknesses and transforming their effectiveness working together. Two key components of the programme are the building of trust and the successful/positive use of conflict as a driver for the continuous pursuit of outstanding results. Engagement, commitment and accountability are also successful outcomes of this programme.