Ultimate Goal specialises in Executive Coaching with the specific aim of achieving elite performance levels by the pursuit of Personal Mastery - a state in which mastery is achieved over mental, emotional and physical identities. Always outcome oriented, the focus is on releasing the full potential of an individual within a challenging environment, so that both the organisation and individual benefit sustainably, as well as all engaged stakeholders.

Challenging and competitive environments demand profound resourcefulness of individuals and teams and so we work with a range of techniques that help an individual to master their mind and emotions so as to reach peak performance levels. For example development of Emotional Intelligence as a management technique has been shown to be highly effective in achieving successful outcomes, managing stress, making wiser decisions, and exercising successful leadership.

The holistic approach adopted when coaching executives allows a multitude of considerations to be addressed which may be characterised as being physical, mental, emotional and philosophical or spiritual in their nature – whatever it takes to support an individual to attain their desired performance.

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Personal Goals

  • Commitment to Personal Mastery

  • Self awareness of a physical, mental, emotional and philosophical nature

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Reforming the Belief landscape

  • Putting fun at the centre

  • Emotional Intelligence as a platform for outstanding Leadership

  • Time management so as to achieve success with work life balance

  • Realising personal potential, purpose and meaning

Performance Goals

  • Leadership and decisiveness in challenging situations

  • Transitioning to new roles and responsibilities

  • Quantum shift – making the “impossible” possible

  • Empowering teams to outstanding performance levels

  • Conflict resolution as a foundation for transformational growth

  • Time management as a means to increase productivity


  • Visioning

  • Strategic focus

  • Business planning

  • Implementation

  • Communications

  • Creating strong Cultural web and weave

  • Embedding Coaching principals